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We offer a warranty on our products in accordance with the following conditions:

1. BITIS products are covered by a 12 month warranty. We will resolve damages or defects on BITIS products free of
charge within 12 months of the purchase date under the following warranty conditions. For any damage or defect
determined later than 12 months after the purchase date, proof of a manufacturing fault must be submitted for repair
under warranty.
The warranty does not cover batteries and other parts, which are considered consumables, parts that break easily
such as glass or plastic or defects based on normal wear and tear. There is no warranty obligation in the event of
marginal differences compared to the target appearance and workmanship provided these have a negligible effect
on the product's fitness for use, in the event of damage caused by chemical or electrochemical effects, by water or
generally from abnormal conditions.

2. The warranty will be performed in such a way that we shall decide whether to repair the defective parts or to replace
them with working parts free of charge. BITIS reserves the right to exchange the product for a replacement product
of equal value if the product that is sent in cannot be repaired within a reasonable time or at reasonable cost. The
product can also be exchanged for a different model of the same value. Requests cannot be made for repairs to be
carried out on site. Parts that have been replaced or exchanged become our property.

3. The warranty claim does not apply if repairs or other work is carried out by unauthorized persons or if our products
are equipped with additional parts or accessories that are not approved for our products.

4. Warranties that have been activated do not cause the warranty period to be extended, nor do they trigger a new
warranty period. The warranty period for any replacement parts installed ends with the warranty period for the entire

5. Any other or further claims are excluded, especially those for replacement due to damage caused outside of the
product, provided there is no obligatory legal liability. We therefore accept no liability for accidental, indirect or other
consequential damage of any kind, which leads to usage restrictions, data loss, loss of earnings or interruption to

Asserting a warranty claim

1. To make use of the warranty service, you must contact the BITIS Service Center by e-mail, fax or phone (see below
for contact details). You can also use the service form on our website or on the back of the warranty conditions.
2. BITIS Service Center will try to diagnose and solve your problem. If it is determined that a warranty claim exists,
you will be given an RMA number (Return Material Authorization) and you will be asked to send the product to

IMPORTANT: BITIS will only accept parcels that have an RMA number.

Please observe the following when sending the product:

1. Send the product suitably packaged with carriage and insurance paid. enclose all accessories with the
product (cables, CD's, memory cards, manuals, etc.), unless the BITIS Service Centre specifies otherwise.

2. Mark the RMA number on the outside of the package in such a way that it is visible and clearly legible.

3. You must enclose a copy of the sales slip as proof of purchase.

4. Once BITIS has received the product, it will meet its warranty obligations in accordance with the warranty conditions
and will return the product to the sender with carriage and insurance paid.

Service outside of warranty

BITIS can refuse any service claim made that is not covered by the warranty. If BITIS agrees to provide a
service outside the warranty, the customer will be invoiced for all repair and transport costs.
BITIS will not accept any packages that have not first been approved by BITIS by means of an RMA
(Return Material Authorization).

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